Kaitlyn and her daddy












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  1. Cheryl says:

    Melissa and Rodney, Your children are beautiful. Marlene gave me your address so I could log on and keep up with the what is happening in your family. I’ve heard about the move and am praying all goes well for you and the children. My best friend’s daughter lives outside of Salt Lake and teaches at a Montisori school there. They love the beautiful mountains and outdoor activities. You will have to get those sweet babies some winter coats. I will keep you in my prayers for I know there is so much you have to prepare for in a move.

    I need to get out to see Bo soon and hopefully see Danny and Marlene. Tyler is finishing up his senior year at UT and Tanner at Tech. They have had a good time trashing each others football teams. Kade is back in London working as an underwriter in Political Risk department. He has a precious girlfriend there named Claire, and he brought her here in October. I really liked her. All the boys will be here for a few days right before Christmas. Like you, I love having all the hustle and bustle of children under my roof.
    Have a wonderful Christmas in you new home. Give your children a hug for me. Aunt Cheryl

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