Which house?

I feel like we are on HGTV’s House Hunters show.  We have several houses we are seriously considering.  We’ve made a spreadsheet with each home listed and all it’s features and such.  Here are the ones we are looking at:

The SLC Home:

This house is the most expensive but it is the closest to Rod’s work.  It is the cleanest and has the best landscaping.  This house has an amazing view of the mountains and the Salt Lake valley.  It is also the smallest (1622 sq ft) with the smallest lot (.16 acres) .  Even though it is closer to Rod’s job it still takes 20 minutes of driving time which is only 15 minutes shorter than the other houses we are considering.


The Blue House:

We are calling this the blue house because the carpet and even the counter tops are blue.  This house is the least expensive and is one of the smaller ones (1678 sq ft) but the lot is decent sized (.21 ac).  There is a one car garage but there is a workshop that the boys can use or we can remodel it to make the garage for two cars.  The house has a strange backyard with wood planks that have been painted red and lain over half the yard and it has some sort of weird fire stove thing.  The basement is not completely finished so there is room to add on.  It needs updating and is also on a corner lot.


The Big Trees House:

This house is the second least expensive.  It is very close to our church, with in walking distance and the area seems nice.  It has 1785 sq. ft and .20 acres.  The basement has enough room that each of the older kids could have their own rooms.  This house doesn’t have a garage or carport and it needs a wood fence in the back, right now there is a small chain length fence.  The backyard has a nice deck.  It  needs new carpet and paint and has a strange odor.  It is a foreclosure so we would be responsible for whatever repairs are needed.  However, it has a nice kitchen.


The Built-In Pool House:

This is another foreclosure house and is in the middle of our price range.  It has 1987 sq ft and is on .34 acre.  The back yard is very private and has a huge fruit tree, although I don’t know what kind of fruit it is.  It has a built in pool that needs major work and it really needs a fence around the pool (there is no water in the pool now).  The backyard also has an awesome deck.  The upstairs has been completely redone with new carpet, paint, and the kitchen is beautiful.  The kitchen also has a pop out window.  The basement needs new carpet and paint and part of the basement is not finished.  The front yard also needs a lot of work.  There is one carport.  The area seems like an average middle income neighborhood.


The Above Ground Pool House:

This house has 2250 sq ft and .29 acres.  It is the second most expensive house and has nice wood floors on the main level.  The backyard is really nice with some fruit trees and an above ground pool.  It has a nice deck but needs wood fencing since it has a short chain length fence now.  The kitchen has nice wood cabinets but the dining area is really small.  The basement is about half finished so there is room to add on down there.  There is one carport.  This house needs new paint, but comes with a home warranty.  The area seems fairly nice.


As you can see we have lots of options.  We had found a house we really liked and pretty much decided on but it went into escrow the day before we were able to see it.  So which one would you choose?  Would you go with the shortest commute time, the least expensive, the largest?  Why?  Thanks for the feedback.  Our Realtor said that we can put offers in on several houses and then make a final decision.  We will probably do that tomorrow, but we need to know which house we want the most.  Hm, decisions, decisions.

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3 Responses to Which house?

  1. Lee says:

    My thoughts…
    I would think that you would want a garage, due to the weather there in the colder months. I wish the “Big Trees House” had a garage, how exciting for the kids to have their own room; although, I am very concerned about the “odor”. So, even though the “Blue House” sounds like it is in need of an interior re-paint, I would think that it is your safest bet. Have you researched the location for crime and etc.? The “Built-In Pool House” would be fun for the kids, but the cost and time that pools require is not fun. I like the idea of living below your means, which will allow you guys the freedom to do other “things”.

  2. John Slezak says:

    Eenie, meenie, minee,….. I know…=),
    Ok, so you mentioned (about your apartment) that you like being close to the kids, so square footage or lack thereof wouldn’t be an overriding concern from my perspective. The other houses that need work or are foreclosures, from what I have seen, (on HGTV BTW) can be like opening a can of worms and I know projects can be fun from time to time, but with five kids, I’m sure they are what you your project to be not your home, so I would think that a home that you can feel comfortable and functional in from day one would be ideal.

    The deciding factor… 15 minutes may not seem like a big deal, but think about this; 30 minutes a day, 2 and a half hours a week, 10 hours a month, and 120 hours a year that Rod would be with his family with the closer house option, giving you all more time together as a family. That being said my choice would be the big trees house…….. just kidding =), it would be the SLC home!!! Love you guys & hope that helps!

  3. PA & NANA says:

    Dad says which would be the best flip for making your investment for making money they say location location location. which is the best neighbor hood ??? I say if your in for the money get in get out fast with the least of money spent so getr done and get back home

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