The Offers

We narrowed down our house list to three.  This is our choice order:

1.  The SLC House – this was the most expensive but once John showed us how much 15 minutes add up over the year we feel it’s worth the extra expense.  One hundred plus hours over the course of a year is a lot and that is precious time that we will never be able to recapture.  We are offering $15,000 less than their asking price and we have an amount we will not go over, so if they do not accept this price then we know it is not God’s will for us.

2.  The Big Trees House – this house was only $1000 more than the least expensive house.  The Blue House had a garage but Rod really did not like it at all.  We have offered $12,000 less than the asking price, so if this one is the one we end up with our price will be very reasonable.

3.  The Built-In Pool House – this house was the least expensive per square foot and if we fix the pool and finish the remodel then we should have a very good resale value.  We offered $12,000 less for this one too.


We should hear something in the next few days.  We would appreciate your prayers.  We are praying that if this is not what we should do that God would shut the doors.  We are also praying that whatever house we should buy would become obvious.  Thanks.

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2 Responses to The Offers

  1. Amy says:

    I read through your choices the other night and like the Big Trees & Built in Pool ones the best and here they are on your master list! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what happens!

    Happy House Hunting!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I really like the house with the built in pool! How do you like the insides? Good luck! They all are very nice and I am sure one house is just perfect for your family. What have you enjoyed at your homes in the past? I know we moved to the area we are in now because it is closer to work. We will pray for your family! There are so many homes to pick from…what a great time to buy again.

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