Misc. Pictures

We have our closing date for our new home.  We should close on August 12th and we are incredibly excited.  We have been window shopping and dreaming of how we want to set up the house and eventually we will update the kitchen.  After moving so much it feels surreal to have a three year plan, it is such a blessing.


This morning we took some pictures to update our face book profile.  Here is one of Rod and me:


We do not have a lot of pictures of just the two of us and especially without children in between us. 

Here are a couple of the blue eyed babies:



Here is one of Kaitlyn’s silly smiles:


Now that she is walking more, I am having fun dressing her in little dresses.


This is a picture of Dylan pretending to be asleep:


Lastly, here is Allie and Timmy:


I am so blessed!

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1 Response to Misc. Pictures

  1. Amy says:

    Congratulations!!! HOW EXCITING! 🙂 The picture of you and your dh is so nice! Cute kiddos!!

    Blessings from the valley! 🙂

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