First Day of School

Today we are starting our fifth year of homeschooling.  I am really excited about this year.  For the first year, we will hopefully not be moving.  Every other year we have had at least one move and that really takes a lot of time away from our school.  I am hoping that this year we will get caught up and maybe even ahead.  I am also not pregnant yet, so we won’t need to take a postpartum break.  I know that I’ve recently told some of you that we were done having children, but I had a brief lapse in sanity 🙂 .  I realize that most of you think we are crazy to have so many children, but this is the life God has called us to and I think it would be crazy to not follow His leading.  I’ll try to post some school pictures soon, but today will be pretty busy.  I need to go get our school affidavit notarized.  To homeschool in Utah, one simply sends in an affidavit stating that their children will receive an education at home in the same subjects and time length as the public school system.  Our school room is not set up yet, either, but hopefully we will get that done soon. 

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful opportunity to educate these blessings in our home.  Thank you for providing a beautiful house, may it be a place full of peace and an environment where learning can thrive.  Please help me to disciple these children to love you with everything they are.  May this year be full of memory making times.  Please help us to be disciplined and committed to the education process and please help us to get caught up and to excel.  Thank you, Lord, for a husband who is 100% committed to teaching our children at home.  Please help the younger children to be cooperative and please give me patience.  I love you, Lord!

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