Monday, October 12

The boy’s room is completely painted and looks great.  They chose blue and it is pretty dark, but I think it looks nice with the white molding and doors.  The girl’s room is not complete, yet.  Allie chose a pink, but when it dried it was hot pink!  Today we went back to Lowes and bought a lighter shade of pink.  She decided that she did not want the metal shelves that were in there, so I disassembled those and patched the holes.  I’m waiting on that to dry before we paint.  Today I also moved the water line for the refrigerator’s water dispenser.  I had to put a small hole in the floor on the other side of the kitchen, that way we can put in the bar/island.  I ran into a couple of snags but was able to complete the task with the kids help.  I have got to say it is an amazing feeling to do these projects on my own.  I am woman, hear me roar.  Just kidding, I am so not a feminist.  Tomorrow my goal is to finish painting Allie’s room and to put up the closet rod.  I also want to build shelves for my food pantry.  If these things get done and the kids complete their school work, then we will go get some posters for their room and fabric for curtains.  Yay!  I’m having so much fun!

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