Kids Helping with the Remodel

Dylan and Allie


Timmy and Allie


Dylan and Sammy


Rod is having a great time!

This project was messy and a lot of work.  It was GREAT!  The kids had a blast and were awesome helpers.

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1 Response to Kids Helping with the Remodel

  1. Gramma says:

    Your kitchen looks wonderful. It’s something about having sweat equity in your home that makes it even more special. The kids will always remember it. I remember helping my Dad when he added two rooms to our home. We were hurrying to finish the foundation so we could go to Six Flags over Texas. I can still remember Daddy shoveling gravel in the cement mixer. I don’t know how he ever got all that cement poured one cement mixer load at a time. I always thought my Dad could do anything and he never proved me wrong. Your dad fell into the same category and I’m glad that passed on to ya’ll. You did a great job Melissa and Rodney.

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