Dave Ramsey – Day Two

The Total Money Makeover

The second chapter was about denial.  He gave the example of a person who is overweight, about how they stand in front of the mirror and suck in their gut and don’t think they are that out of shape.  I know personally, I have not realized how overweight I am until I saw a picture of myself.  It is the same with our financial shape.  This morning I added up all of our debt and all I can say is OUCH!  This will not be an easy process.

More Than Enough

We only read half of the second chapter last night (it’s a long one).  The part we read was about integrity.  We need to be honest about everything and stick to our word.  Ramsey said that it is stealing to not have integrity in your job.  He was also beginning to discuss relationships and making time for others.  He quoted Gary Smalley in saying that love is spelled T-I-M-E.  Ramsey believes that there is no such thing as “quality” time and that if we truly love someone then there needs to be “quantity” time.

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