Dave Ramsey – Day Three

The Total Money Makeover

Chapter three is covering myths regarding debt.  We only made it through the first myth which is that debt can and should work for you, that it is a tool to prosperity.  I know that we have bought into this debt myth because we have student loans and also half of our debt is a large business loan.  Debt is detrimental to a family.  It places a huge burden on us and we are not free to pursue our dreams and God’s leading.  Allie said that it is like Christian’s burden that he carried in the  Pilgrim’s Progress.

We have a prayer need that we would like help with.  A few weeks ago we noticed footprints in the snow in our backyard.  Someone had walked along the back of our house by our windows.  We put window alarms on and hoped it was just some kids.  On Thursday, I went out to shovel the snow and someone had walked up to our garage and must have looked in the windows that are in the roll up door.  We are now very concerned and the kids are frightened.  Rod has put a motion detector outside and it went off twice last night, thanks to a couple of cats.  We are losing sleep over this and I do not want us to live in fear.  We also need to keep our family safe.  Please pray for safety and peace for us.  We would also love to hear any suggestions.  Thanks.

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1 Response to Dave Ramsey – Day Three

  1. Mr. Slinkard says:

    Excellent job posting as you journey through Financial Peace. I look forward to your future postings and hope you live like no one else so later you can live like no one else.

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