2010 Goals Monthly Check-In – January

2010 Goals Monthly Check-In – January

1. To pay off at least 50% of our debt (besides the house).

Although we did not actually pay any extra towards debt we are on tract for paying off half and maybe more this year.

2. To become more disciplined – I’ll be joining different links through the web for accountability.

I have been more busy in January and spent less time on the computer and spent very little time reading for pleasure.  But, I definitely need to work on this more.

3. To make health a priority, for me and my family.

We ate out less than normal and I have tried to make sure we eat complete meals.  The kids and I have had fruit smoothies in the morning and it is so yummy.  I should get up earlier and make one for Rod too.  The kids and I are also trying to exercise more.

4. To live according to our budget.

We did better than before, but still room for improvement.  As of February we are going to cash only for groceries.  We will use the debit card for gas and online banking for everything else.  We worked on a new budget and it is going to be tight.  I’ll share more about that later.

5. To get the kids at grade level for Language Arts and Math.

I worked out a lesson plan through October.  This is our third week and Timmy is excelling.  He has always been very distracted but loves having everything laid out for him.  Everyday he works ahead so that he can have an extra free day.  He wakes up early and goes right into the kitchen to work.  It is an incredible difference.  The other two are procrastinating.  But they all know they have to complete all their work for the week no matter what.  In fact the two oldest have had to do work for seven days straight one week.  This plan will help us stay on target.

6. To finish reading the Bible in September and then start again.

Using ewordtoday.com is helping me a lot.  I’m working through it.

7. Plant a large garden and learn more about organic gardening.

I’ve read more about succession planting and improving the soil naturally.  I’d like to go to a nursery this week and see about planting peas.  Our previous neighbors said that they plant those in January.

8. Learn to sew from patterns.

I haven’t sewed at all last month.

9. Read more books on how to better do my job.

I’m going to start rereading Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God today.  I’ve also been reading blogs on couponing.

10. Start a family game night.

We did not do this in January.  February is going to be swamped for Rod, he has inventory.  Hopefully, we will be able to start in March.

11. Focus on character training with the kids.

We have started a new system where they receive check marks for bad behavior.  Then however many marks they have determines how much their allowance is deducted.  The boys also receive correction from their dad when he comes home according to the amount of checks.  Allie loses ten minutes of computer time for every check.  We are trying to break bad habits that had developed.

12. Find more ways to support and encourage Rod.

I failed miserably in this area for January.  My eyes are focused on me too much and on what I want.  Blah!

13. To have another baby.

Not yet…it’s so hard to wait on God’s timing.

14. Help the children carry out their goals.

Okay, I confess I have forgotten what their goals are.  I need to find the paper I wrote it on and help them.

January was a mixed bag of accomplishments.  I think it was a pretty good start for the year.  Writing these goals on here is helping me to be accountable.  I look forward to seeing what we can do in February.

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2 Responses to 2010 Goals Monthly Check-In – January

  1. Kristi says:

    You have set some nice family goals!!!

  2. Amy says:

    WOW! Great list, Melissa!!! It is nice to have a focused plan…

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