Yes, it is March

Yes, I realize it is March.  Yes, I know I said I would be back in March.  But, everyone is still sick.  My two littlest ones both had bronchitis and ear infections.  We went through the antibiotics and they were still not better.  Back to the doctor we went, more antibiotics we got.  This is day five of this antibiotic and Kaitlyn is still running a fever.  On Monday, when we got home from the doctor Dylan began to run a fever and has been sick since.  Timmy and Rod had it last week.  Allie started having a fever on Wednesday but she seems to be recovering.  I have been determined to not succumb to this illness, but I think I’m coming down with it too.  This stinks!  We haven’t been to church since the beginning of January.  When will winter be over?!  Enough whining.  See you sometime…

P.S.  As I finished typing this Timmy came to me and said his head is hurting and now he is coughing again.  Great.

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1 Response to Yes, it is March

  1. Tara Bohannon says:

    Hi, My name is Tara Bohannon and looking for possible relitives. My Side of the Bohannons come from NE Missouri area of Macon. Please email me at Thank you

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