Dentist Appointments

Yesterday we had five dentist appointments.  The only two who did not see the dentist were Kaitlyn and Sammy.  We were there for three hours and it went pretty well.  There are only minor cavities to take care of, which is good since we haven’t been since 2002 and Dylan and Timmy have never been.  We’ve had dental insurance for the last couple of years, but every time I make the appointments then we move.  Timmy has major crowding, however the dentist said that he is still a little young for braces.  Dylan will need braces too in a few years.  I’m glad that we can hold off for a while until things get more settled for us.  The little ones will see a pediatric dentist next Thursday and the older kids will get their cavities taken care of then also.

When it was Timmy’s turn for his check-up the dentist asked him if any of his teeth hurt.  Timmy responded that his front teeth do and when asked when they hurt, Timmy said that they hurt when he thinks about it.  I thought that was just too cute, but not “baby cute”.

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