Sammy Sayings – April 26, 2010

We went to the zoo yesterday and rode the carousel.  I stood between Kaitlyn (and when did she get big enough to ride?) and Sammy.  He was a little nervous and kept saying, “I’m not going to fall.”  I think he was assuring himself. 

 There are a lot of man holes in Utah, the kind with slats for the rain to run into.  Timmy enjoys standing on them and looking in.  Sammy has decided this is dangerous and now pushes him off and tells Timmy, “You might fall!”

Just now Dylan was giving Sammy a horsey ride.  Dylan told Sammy that he needed to feed the horse to get another ride.  Sammy asked Dylan if he would like to eat Kaitlyn.  What a nice big brother.  🙂

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