Empty House, Full Heart

A few weeks ago, we had a huge yard sale to prepare for our upcoming move.  We will be in transition for several months, and even when we are settled we will not have a traditional house.  Soon I will write about our plans, but for now I still need to be vague.  We sold most of our belongings and are now living in an empty house. 

For now we are sleeping on the floor…

having picnics (yes, Kaitlyn is wearing boy pj’s, ha ha)…

and living out of suitcases.

Even though we no longer have many earthly possessions, my heart is full.  Even though I don’t know what will happen next week, I am at peace.  Even though people around us probably think we are crazy, I am happy.  Yes, there are things that are difficult; but I am trying to live in the center of God’s will.  There is no sweeter place.

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  1. Tessica says:

    Glad I\’ve finally found smeohitng I agree with!

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