Park City

Last week we went to the Olympic Park in Park City.  I had coupons for several of the rides.  Just as we got there it started to rain.  However, the olympic hopefuls were practicing.

They would ski down this jump and do all sorts of flips and land in a large pool.  There was a larger jump and those guys did some amazing twists and turns.

After the rain stopped, we walked over to the rides.  Once we checked out the prices and read the rules, we decided that Rod and the kids would just ride the smaller zip line.  But, due to the rain, we had to wait for everything to dry out.  In that area of the park, there were a couple of enormous ramps.  We were able to watch the athletes ski down and in one section catch air.

Soon the sun had dried the courses, and up the kids and my hubby went on chair lifts.

The kids all agreed that the lifts were the scariest part.  Once they were up the mountain, down they came on the zip line.

I wish I would have done a video of them coming down, so that way you could have heard them laughing.  After the ride, we went over to the little museum.  Rod and Sammy carried the torch :).

Then we went to the outlets, but the boys were not interested in shopping.  We walked around some and headed home.  It was a lovely day.

Gratitude List:

61.)  Hearing children laughing

62.)  God teaching me patience

63.)  A sweet sister who is becoming my best friend

64.)  A little guy who thinks it should be his birthday…everyday

65.)  A husband who is concerned for me and our baby

66.)  My mama…Happy Birthday!

67.)  A refrigerator full of food, that we need to use within the next few days.  What a great problem to have, when others go hungry.

68.)  Getting to live here and now getting to move away from here, ha ha

69.)  All the positive comments we have received over our joyful news

70.)  You are reading this

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Great post! Great shots.

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