Why I’m thankful I have a large family

I recently read this post from one of my favorite blogs and thought it was a neat idea.  I am dealing with morning sickness, or should I say all day sickness, and sometimes I wonder why I am doing this again.  When I am feeling particularly bad I question having more children after this.  That is when I have to focus on why I love being pregnant and having a large family.  Here is a list of some of those reasons, in no particular order:

1.)  I’m never bored

2.)  I’m never truly lonely

3.)  I laugh many, many times a day

4.)  The way the kids look at me

5.)  That they think I’m beautiful, no matter what I’m wearing

6.)  All the hugs and kisses

7.)  The feeling of having an amazing secret, before I start showing

8.)  The way a newborn just melts into you

9.)  The life changing love the first time I hold my baby

10.)  Learning to be unselfish in every area of my life

11.)  Knowing that I will have many grandchildren, Lord willing

12.)  Raising arrows to shoot out into a dark world, even though I may want to hold on to them

13.)  Learning how to maneuver limbs from tight places

14.)  The excitement the children have when a difficult concept is grasped

15.)  How much more precious is the time I have alone with Rod

16.)  The first flutters felt during pregnancy

17.)  Learning patience when each child asks the same question that I just answered

18.)  Knowing that the kids think their daddy is the very best

19.)  Things really are cheaper by the dozen – bulk discounts

20.)  Having my kids as my friends

21.)  There’s always enough people to play a game

22.)  Getting a small glimpse of how much God loves me, because of how much I love my kids

23.)  Realizing how much my parents love me, because of how much I love my kids

24.)  Learning what is truly important – people

25.)  Getting to teach my kids about God

26.)  Many hands make light work

27.)  We have birthday celebrations for months

28.)  Holidays are so much more fun

29.)  Learning how fragile life is because of the potential accidents

30.)  Realizing how much God protects us from the potential accidents

31.)  The bitter-sweetness of looking a growing child in the eye

32.)  Enjoying special treats with little ones

33.)  Teaching my kids to not be selfish, they simply can’t be in a large family

34.)  That while I’m typing this some of the kids are fighting – keeps me humble

35.)  Getting to play and be silly

36.)  That when I’m pregnant or have little ones, I don’t have to go on rollercoasters, zip lines or any other sickening rides

37.)  Toothless smiles

38.)  Watching kids grow and mature

39.)  Not having to go to work outside of my home

40.)  Hearing my kids tell each other “I love you”

41.)  It is always an adventure to go places

42.)  Because of these faces

43.)  The way they act when I bake cookies, like it is the best thing I’ve ever done

44.)  Knowing just how that poor mama feels in the store when her child is having a meltdown – teaches empathy

45.)  Learning never to judge any other parent

46.)  The way my family spoils me when I’m not feeling well

47.)  Seeing the way my kids live fully

48.)  Learning that living differently than most of society is wonderful

49.)  Learning to seek out God’s way in all that I do

50.)  Watching my children develop loving relationships with each other

I have so much to be thankful for.  God has blessed me so much by allowing me to be mama to these children. 

What are you thankful for today?

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1 Response to Why I’m thankful I have a large family

  1. Amy says:

    Aww…congrats, Melissa! So excited for you! Great list! I love it! 🙂

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