The moving plans are now finalized; in ten days we will be leaving for College Station, Texas.  I have mixed emotions about this move.  I will really miss my family and friends in California, but it will be nice to be closer to Rod’s side of the family.  And I think that we will love Texas.  There are so many wonderful homeschool organizations there and many conferences that I can’t wait to attend. 

Rod has told his employees and they were not happy.  He manages over 30 people, I think, and they all love him.  He had several people tell him that they will be quitting or transferring if he leaves.  They even asked what they could do to make him stay!  Rod runs one of the best stores in the company and really makes his people work hard, but he is fair.  He never loses his temper and shows the employees how much he values their efforts.  All of the corporate people say that this store has never ran so well.  He will be missed here.  Oh yeah, that’s my man!  I’m so proud of him!

Gratitude List:

88.)  For a man who works hard and does a good job

89.)  That other people see how amazing Rod is

90.)  That I can trust in God’s plans

91.)  That life is never boring 🙂

92.)  For optimistic kids

93.)  That we will be able to participate in nationally recognized homeschool events

94.)  For understanding from our California family

95.)  That we live in a time that a move like this doesn’t mean the end of relationships

What are you thankful for today?

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1 Response to Moving

  1. Cheryl says:

    I’m thankful that you are open to moving to Texas and that you are following God’s will. I’m excited about the opportunity to have you and those precious children so close to me in Austin. I think you will be happy here.

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