You know you have a large family…

*This post is written in the spirit of fun, not complaining.*

I realize that my family is larger than most, but until recently I was able to do most things like a regular sized family.  Since each child comes every couple of years, it didn’t really seem much bigger.  I don’t know why but I have been measuring our family size by the amount of laundry I have to do everyday.  We’ve been doing a load a day for many years, but over the last couple of months it has increased to two a day.  Recently, I’ve had three loads each day, and I thought it was just sheets or extra towels.  Now, I know this is our new normal.  This has made me finally realize that our family size is large, ha ha.  After I came to that conclusion yesterday, I have been thinking about other things that officially make us a large family.  Here’s a list:

You know you have a large family…

…when the washer and dryer are being used for at least six hours a day.

…when you do your weekly grocery shopping at Sam’s Club or Costco.

…when you buy six pound cans of fruit, chili or whatever; and gallon sized containers of mayo, pickles, etc.

…when you have to run the dishwasher at least twice a day.

…when you buy industrial or commercial sized appliances.

…when you look at a package of “family sized” anything and laugh at how that won’t last long.

…when the children have to form a line in the grocery store.

…when you round the corner in the grocery store and people count how many kids there are, and then are shocked that we keep coming.

…when you tell the kids to use the restroom before we leave and a line forms in the hall.

…when leftovers are a blessing and are rare.

…when you dish up the littles food first, because by the time everyone else’s food is ready it will have cooled.

…when every child over eight years old knows how to change a diaper.

…when you have children old enough to teach younger children.

…when you have to answer the same question four times in five minutes.

…when your feet become very tough from all the years of stepping on legos.

…when the trash needs to be taken out twice a day, and trash day can’t come soon enough.

…when you own more than one set of bunk beds, and have plans to buy more.

…when you purchase TP in bulk.

…when you get fast food and order off the value menu and are thankful that it’s $20.

…when you have to write out a list to go through the drive-thru.

…when you are calling for a child and list four kids names before saying the one you actually need.

…when you outgrow a mini-van and try to come up with a creative and legal way to add a seat.

…when you have to look in five toy boxes to find a child’s missing shoe.

…when you need an assembly line for haircuts.

…when “stop it, boys” is something you say countless times a day.

…when you know all the “Kids Eat Free” places.

…when it takes 10 minutes to get in or out of the car.

…when you have twice the love of an average family (from Dylan).

…when the kids form a line to give hello or goodbye kisses to Dad.

…when a house is ideal because it already needs work.

…when an illness takes a month to get over by the time it makes it through everyone (sometimes twice).

…when the idea of having twins doesn’t seem very drastic (from Rod, ha ha).

…when going swimming is very stressful.

…when you have to time showers so as not to run out of hot water.

…when maternity clothes are a wardrobe staple.

…when you are told numerous times a day that you are beautiful.

…when people no longer ask if you’re done having kids.

…when people ask if you’re pregnant yet.

…when it becomes more difficult to name a new baby.

…when it is only quiet for a short time everyday, and that is when everyone is asleep.

…when it takes twice as long to watch a movie, because of all the times you have to pause it for bathroom breaks or to answer a question.

…when the grandparents call and they spend 30 minutes on the phone, but you only get to talk to them for a few minutes.

…when your days are filled with hugs and kisses.

…when little ones mature so much faster because of the influence of their older siblings.

…when you are amazed at how much you love your kids and how that love multiplies with each additional child.

I love my large family!

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2 Responses to You know you have a large family…

  1. Kris says:

    Our family is not as large but I sure related to a lot of those!
    I will never forget being behind on laundry last year when I was sick and a friend with one child said to me “just do one load a day and you will get caught up!” I laughed later thinking about how sincere she was and just how much she didn’t “get” my big family! So funny!

  2. Gramma says:

    Melissa, have you started your book yet?

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