He’s a Hard Working Man

My husband works really, really hard!  He always has, and it was one of the things that I was attracted to.  We were high school sweethearts, but he was one busy guy.  He would go to school all day, go to work after school, go to Tae Kwon Do, then go home to do homework.  On his days off, he had chores to do.  I remember many of our dates were at his house while he cleaned the pool…I tried to help :).  I knew that if this young man worked so hard then, that he would do whatever he had to do to take care of me and our family.  And, I was right.  I never worry that we will go hungry or be homeless.  Rod has only been without a job once, and he worked his tail off to find a job.  When many take advantage of Unemployment, he hated it.  He would look for a job from 8-5, Monday through Friday.  He had a new job within a couple of weeks.  He has worked jobs that he didn’t like, but he never complained.  I knew he was unhappy, because I know him.  There have been times when he should have received a raise, but instead of becoming bitter, he worked as if he were working for the Lord. 

Rod’s current job is pretty physically draining.  He wore a pedometer for a few days, and we learned that he walks over 12 miles each day.  Never does he complain.  After working for 10-14 hours each day, he comes home and does what he can to help me.  He is never upset if dinner isn’t ready, or if the house is a mess.  Rod is bombarded with children wanting his attention, and he doesn’t lose his patience.  I have never heard him say that he needs time for himself or a break. 

We got about five inches of rain during the tropical storm that came through a few weeks ago.  Once it stopped raining, the grass really shot up.  Rod didn’t have another day off for a while, and so after working hard all day he came home and mowed the grass.  Do you see his smile?  This is my husband.  Works hard…doesn’t complain…

Rod, I love you!  Thanks for working so hard to provide for us!

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1 Response to He’s a Hard Working Man

  1. Rod says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I love you very much. Thank you for all you do.

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