Our second child, Dylan, turned 10 this summer.  He is such a big guy.  He has broad shoulders and is very strong.  Dylan loves to carry heavy things for me, and always tells me that it is so light for him.

Dylan is a funny guy.  He always makes a goofy face for pictures, and we have to tell him to just smile.  He also loves to tell jokes.  But, he is also the strong, silent type.  He has a quiet spirit, like his daddy.

Dylan loves his family.  Timmy is his best buddy, and they play together constantly.  Sammy is his little buddy, and Dylan helps him get ready every morning.

Dylan enjoys reading, drawing, playing outside and creative games.  He loves to use his imagination and also to knock things down.  He works really hard and likes to complete his tasks.

Dylan really takes after Rod.  He is quiet, but knows how to have fun.  He is kind, but can also be ornery.  He is dependable and considerate.  We love Dylan very much, and it is a joy to watch him grow and mature.

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1 Response to Dylan

  1. Gramma says:

    Yeah Dylan! You are growing up so fast. I’m glad you are such a help to your Mom and Dad. I know you will continue to be the wonderful son and grandson that you are. We love you too. Gramma and Grampa.

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