Sarah Joy

Last week, we drove down to Houston for an ultrasound.  We’re having a girl!  This makes our girls and boys now even.  We are naming her after my mother-in-law and adding Joy as her middle name.  Sarah means princess, and we believe all our children are princes and princesses.  Rod is their earthly father, but their eternal father is the King of Kings!  As His children we represent Him in all that we do.  This child’s name will be a constant reminder of who she is and who she belongs to.  May she always desire to have a close relationship with her Daddy.

*And since that first picture is rather hard to distinguish what is what, here is an article with a picture of a baby at the same stage as our little Sarah Joy:

17 week old baby in womb

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2 Responses to Sarah Joy

  1. Gramma says:

    Thank you. I’m sure she’ll by a real Joy.

  2. Kris says:

    Oh a girl! So sweet! Happy for you all…..

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