Raising Boys

*Warning – if you are easily nauseous you will not want to read this post.

I am adding a new category to our blog called Raising Boys, because…well, that topic could really have its own blog.  When Dylan and Timmy were toddlers they were pretty destructive.  It wasn’t that they were naughty, they were simply growing and exploring.  My mom nicknamed Dylan “Bam Bam” when he wasn’t even a year old, because he broke everything.  Timmy has always been very tough.  When he was about 14 months old, I found him by the Christmas tree pulling off the ornaments.  He had a glass ball in his hand that he had crushed and was just watching the blood oozing from his tiny hand…not crying at all.  They seemed to grow out of most of the destructiveness, with periods of calamity here and there; like last year when they knocked over the Christmas tree from wrestling near it.  But, lately it just seems like one thing after another.  I think that since we are nearing the preadolescent years that these incidences will only increase.  We had quite an occurrence here a couple of days ago, that needs to be recorded for their children ;).

Our water here is really bad tasting.  We have been buying water bottles, and I ordered a water filter, but we haven’t set it up yet.  Timmy loves to create and made an airplane out of one of the bottles.  It was really cool and all the kids loved it; Dylan and Timmy then made many more airplanes.  We had a couple of errands to run and on the way home stopped at Sonic for their Happy Hour.  Once we got home, I was busy with cleaning and laundry and in many different rooms.  About an hour later I noticed Dylan sitting at the table with a serious expression and drinking a water bottle.  I asked if he was okay and he said he was fine.  I went into my room to fold another load of laundry and passed the boy’s room on the way.  I saw Timmy sitting on the floor drinking a bottle of water, but didn’t think anything of it.  When I was done, I headed back into the living room and saw Timmy in the same spot…still drinking.  I then noticed several empty bottles on the floor and realized that they were drinking water just to get the bottles.  I hollered at Dylan and Timmy to stop drinking water just for the bottles, that it was wasteful. 

About 20 minutes later, Dylan and Timmy were lying on the couch with headaches.  I told them that they drank too much water, and went about finishing up my chores before Rod got home.  He soon arrived and we were getting ready to run an errand.  Kaitlyn had been asleep and woke up about this time, she was very fussy.  Rod held her for a few minutes, then we told the kids to use the restroom and get on their shoes.

Allie went into the bathroom and Timmy went to his room to put on his shoes.  Rod took Kaitlyn into the hall and told her to go get her shoes from her room.  At the precise moment that Kaitlyn walked past the bathroom, Timmy ran from his room to go to the bathroom.  Since it was occupied, he turned and began to throw-up.  Now, I’m talking about a lot…and it was blue from his slush.  Kaitlyn was right there and slipped in the vomit.  She began to scream and thrash about.  She rolled over many times in the throw-up to try to get up, and in the process completely covered herself in it. 

At the time, I was in the laundry room and heard a horrible commotion.  I rounded the hall to find Rod yelling; Timmy apologizing; Kaitlyn covered in blue, slimy liquid; Allie stuck in the bathroom; and a tremendous amount of blue slime on the walls and floor.  After asking what happened, we got Allie to tiptoe around the mess and Rod gave Kaitlyn a bath.  It took half a roll of paper towels to clean up the mess (I’m so thankful that I’m over the morning sickness). 

We decided to take a trash can with us on our errand.  Within minutes of being in the car, Dylan threw up…but, his was orange from his slush.  We went back home, then I had the boys count how many water bottles they drank.  Over the course of an hour, they each drank almost a gallon of water.  I later found out that they wanted to make a large robot out of the bottles, and knew that they would be in trouble if they just poured them out.  I immediately got on the computer after finding out how much they consumed and read all sorts of horrible outcomes of water intoxication.  We decided to pump them full of salty foods and to limit their liquid intake for the next day.  Rod got up every few hours that night to wake them up and make sure they were okay.  The only thing that stopped us from taking them to the ER is that I remember at Junior High camp that the male counselors would play a game to see who could drink the most water and would all vomit after a gallon.  I know that this could have been a very serious situation, and I’m so thankful that once again God has taken care of us.

You know, boys do some crazy things.  There have been several instances lately that have left me dumbfounded.  I do not understand their thought process during some of their actions, but I think it must be part of them growing up and turning into men.  My paternal grandmother had six boys and one girl, and goodness, my dad has told me some stories.  But, all of my uncles survived their childhood and I would say that there isn’t one sissy man in the group.  That is what I want for my boys.  They need pretend to be soldiers defending their homeland…knights slaying the dragon…hunters on a safari in Africa…explorers deep in the jungle…and yes, even inventors creating robots.  This means that injuries will probably happen, and in the meantime I will be spending a lot of time on my knees…praying that they do not hurt themselves or others or damage any property.  Oh and by the way, my grandmother that had so many boys was the most calm and level-headed person I’ve ever known.  I guess one learns to stay calm after so many wild boys : ).

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  1. Gramma says:

    Hi, Melissa. I concur, boys are definitely in a category by themselves. I had never been around boys much except in school and then I found myself mother to two boys. What a shock. I spent alot of time on the phone to my mother and although she only had girls, she did have a couple of brothers. Rodney always wanted to please and was very diplomatic (you just had to know what question to ask, PRECISELY), but Joe had his own agenda. After he oiled my washing machine with a quart of oil (it took several empty hot soapy loads to clean it) and then washing to sliding glass door with the water hose and the door open (he flooded the house and almost ruined my new carpet) before he was two years old, I knew we were in for it. I only took my eyes off of him for a moment. Even Danny’s mother said he had already paid for his raising. I’m afraid the boys may be taking after their grandfather. Alleen always had alot of stories of Dean and Danny’s escapades. They started a fire in the car one time because they were cold. I’m glad you are writing everything down. I’ve forgotten more than I can remember. Love ya, Gramma

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