No, I’m not talking about justification through faith.  I’m talking about buying something extravagant and justifying the purchase.  Rod and I each got the new iPhone!  We have said that it will be our birthday and Christmas presents to each other.  And, well, we really did need it ;).  We are in the process of getting a couple of home business going, and we need a phone to keep us on track.  These babies can do it all!  I love that it has a camera and video camera on the phone, so be expecting a lot more pictures.  There are also a ton of apps to make our lives more simple.  I’m trying to find the perfect calendar and to-do list.  Now, hopefully I can get us where we need to be on the correct day (yes, I have taken my kids to doctor appointments on the wrong day).  We did not get the plan with text messaging…please don’t send us any texts.  But, it does have email and internet access right there.  There is a built-in map, and now maybe Rod won’t get lost so much :).  We even have video phone, which the little ones love!  Did I justify our purchase well enough?

Isn’t it pretty?

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3 Responses to Justification

  1. Lee says:

    Pink!!! Very nice!!!

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