Halfway there

I’m halfway through this pregnancy.  That is, of course, if I don’t go over (which I fully expect to).  This pregnancy is going by so fast, especially with the move.  I’m finally over the morning sickness and starting to feel more normal. 

A few observations about this pregnancy:

*I felt the baby move so early this time – at 14 weeks.

*I’m amazed that I still get stretch marks.  You’d think with this many babies that my skin would already be stretchy.

*I have always said that pregnancy is easy for me.  Why do I do that?  It seems like whenever I say that I always or never anything, then the opposite happens.

*My family is so very sweet.  They have encouraged me to rest and take it easy.  I’m so spoiled.

*I am measuring a good month further along.  My midwife has said that if I hadn’t already had an ultrasound, she would insist on one to rule out twins.  But, I’m carrying this baby so much higher than I normally do.  It’s no wonder I already feel like my stomach and lungs are squished :).

*We are using a midwife this time around.  I really like her.  She has focused a lot on my nutrition and helped me change my diet to combat the morning sickness.  By following her advise, I lost almost three pounds this last month.  She encouraged me to make sure I am eating often, and I said that wasn’t a problem ;).  She has also been supportive of my decisions to decline unnecessary tests and procedures.  We will be trying to have a home birth, for the first time.  The midwife works closely with a doctor, whom I see every three months.  In my ninth month, I will have an appointment with the doctor and receive a thorough check-up.  At that time, she will also prescribe medications that may be needed during the birth.  I am really excited to be able to stay home and know that this will be a much more peaceful birth.

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