Gentle and Quiet

I am currently reading Feminine by Design by Scott T. Brown.  One of the chapters talks about being feminine not only on the outside, but also inwardly.  He discusses having a gentle and quiet spirit.  I have been pondering this over the last few days and trying to not react to the things around me.  Yes, easier said than done.  Before lunch I dealt with cat vomit all over the laundry room, Sammy pooping in his pants, boys taking wrestling too far, a teenager-’nuff said, and to top it off my head and throat hurt.  Plus, Rod has asked me to call the bank and every time I pick up the phone a mini-crisis strikes.

Yesterday was my birthday and I just love the beginnings of a new year…a new school year, January, and birthdays.  I love to think about the past year and my goals for the new one.  This year I would like to act like a grown-up ;).  I’d like to be steady, gentle and quiet…to not allow circumstances determine my behavior.  I can’t control many of the things that occur around me, but I can control my attitude-with Christ’s help.

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1 Response to Gentle and Quiet

  1. Becky says:

    Your Grandpa says this one thing to me “Beck one thing to always remember the main thing is not to get excited” I think he is one on the smartest men alive. I guess if we are quiet & still things wont seem so bad at times This is very hard for your poor old Momma so maybe that’s why its not a easy thing for ya either. I admire you for wanting to better yourself. God will be with ya he loves you & so do we.

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