Shopping Mode

It is 15 minutes till 11 pm, and I’m waiting.  Everyone is tucked snugly in bed, except this crazy mama who is waiting for a store’s Black Friday ad to go live online.  Why?  Because I am almost done with my Christmas shopping for the kids and there is an item that one child wants.  If I can get it tonight, I’ll save about $70.  So, I wait…

While I wait, I have a 20 pound turkey defrosting for tomorrow.  Yep, 20 pounds!  That is one big bird!  I’ll be getting up several times during the night to change the water.  Sammy thought it was great fun to bop it up and down and exclaim about how big the turkey is. 

Rod has to work tomorrow…I can’t believe it.  This will be the first Thanksgiving that he has ever had to work and the first time HFT is open on this holiday.  Now they are only closed on Christmas day and Easter!  We celebrated early with Rod’s parents and grandparents, and boy can his mom cook! 

I was going to make the kids do school tomorrow, but I guess I’ll give them the day off ;).  I’m going to make us a traditional Thanksgiving meal for dinner, so I’ll be spending the day cooking.  Oh, I’ll also be shopping…online, of course. 

There are only seven minutes left to wait.  I hope y’all have a wonderful day tomorrow.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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