What is History?

“For a couple hundred years now, western civilization has put God on the sidelines of life, so that most history is taught as the story of mankind, as if people were the ‘prime force’ of the universe, as if they were the makers of themselves and of truth.  How presumptuous!  But there’s more!  After Darwin, little reason was seen to learn about the past; folks believed they were moving-on their own power-toward a perfect future.  Since then, history has become a dull, meaningless ‘obligation’.  It should be a personal encounter with the King of the Universe, the Maker of our souls!  It should be one of the most inspiring, personal, real, and intimate topics because it hooks us up with the truths that make life work!  And our practical-minded boys especially need to know that history is about right now…about truth and power and law and right and good government…and all the other things for which this world is secretly hungering.  Now that’s something into which kids can pour their energies and ambitions!”

Michelle Miller

TruthQuest History, American History for Young Students I

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