Favorite Things – Homeschool Resources

Yesterday I put up a small list of some of our favorite books and today I’ll list some of our favorite homeschooling resources. 

History – TruthQuest History.  Honestly, we have just started this program, but we love it!  Traditionally history is taught from a humanistic standpoint, meaning it is really elevating man.  This history program is taught from a different perspective-showing how God has worked throughout time to accomplish His will.

Math – Math U See.  Confession time – I stink at math!  This program makes it so easy for me to teach my children this horrid subject.  Math U See begins with simple counting and works all the way to Calculus-yikes!  The program is not based on grade levels, but builds on skills in a way that makes sense.  For each lesson we pop in the DVD and he teaches the mama how to do the problems using manipulatives, then we are able to teach our kids.

Language Arts – For grammar we are using Daily Grammar, and I love that it is simple, short and FREE!  We read a lot of quality books and the kids also do quite a bit of writing.  I am still looking for a good spelling program, that is not just memorizing lists. 

I think our very favorite homeschool resource is Vision Forum.  I know that there are many people who do not agree with their philosophy, but we have not found one thing that does not line up with the Bible.  They are counter-cultural in so many areas and I believe that is why some find them offensive.  We have loved every product that we have purchased from them and since they are based in San Antonio, we are looking forward to attending some of their conferences. 

What are your favorite homeschool resources?  If that is not applicable, then what was your favorite subject in school and why?

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4 Responses to Favorite Things – Homeschool Resources

  1. Kristina says:

    I just wanted to throw in a comment here. We are using for the second year Spelling Power. For the younger kids they give you a printable cd rom. For the older we print of the lists and use the same practice sheets for the little kids. They have the kids spell, trace, close eyes and ect…. There are 10 steps.It is the 5,000 most commonly misspelled words. Benjamin has gone from being a horrible speller to a fabulous one. One other bonus to it is that it is one curriculum for all the kids. at 60.00 or you can buy it used. WE LOVE IT!! There is my plug. Love you……all ;0)

  2. Karrie Z says:

    Right now we are using a virtual academy, but next year we plan on regular homeschooling. My plan for spelling next year is to take words out of the books they are reading and use them as spelling/vocabulary words. Right now my son has vocab. and spelling and is it a little much each week. My goal would be to allow them to pick out the spelling words, but of course they need to be challenging! One resourse we like for spelling is spellingcity.com . It has fun games and even tests they can take. I am just starting to learn what is out there for homeschoolers and plan to check out what you have in your list! Thanks!

    • Thanks Karrie. I’ll have to look at that website. I’ve been having them write the words they’ve misspelled, but I think we need something more. We’ve used other programs, but it always seemed like just memorized the list for the test and then they’d forget it.

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