“Joy in God’s Place”

“We always-every moment, without exception-pursue what we believe will make us happy.  For some it’s a particular relationship.  For others it’s a certain home.  For still others it’s a career path.  Whatever it is, we devote ourselves to getting it, pursuing it with all our energy and every resource we have.  We are certainly free to delight in the material and relational blessings God brings us, but if we believe our happiness is dependent on them, it’s because, whether we realize it or not, we don’t really believe God is enough for us.

We say that God is enough, but the fact that we hover and worry and fret when our goals and hopes don’t pan out proves otherwise.  Jesus said, ‘Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’ (Matt. 6:21).  How do we respond when something we value is taken away?  Do we cling to Christ in our sorrow or disappointment, or do we resist him and set ourselves on a determined course to prevent the loss or recapture it?  Our attitude toward God in life’s ups and downs is always the most honest depiction of what we really believe. 

We will never ultimately find the happiness we seek in anything this world offers-even the good things-because we have been wired to find it in God alone.  Joy is found only in God’s ‘place,’ wherever and however he leads us deeper into his fellowship.  Joy-biblical joy-is one way for us to know if we are dwelling in God’s place.  Godly joy springs from living in harmony with God, having a mind set on pleasing him.  If that underlies our pursuits, we are in God’s place.”

Joy by Lydia Brownback

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