Favorite Things – Other Media

Here are some of our other media favorites:

Jonathan Park – can’t recommend this enough.  My kids have learned so many scientific facts from a creation standpoint, without even realizing that it is educational.

Adventures in Odyssey – the whole family loves all of the episodes.

Tycoon Computer Games – Rod and the kids enjoy these computer games.

Vision Forum\’s Audio – lots of great seminars and preaching on CD’s.

Bible on CD – My kids often listen to these at night and it is amazing how much they retain.

Carmen – I grew up listening to him and now my kids love him.

Francesca Battistelli and Nicole Nordeman – these are Allie’s favorite singers.

Casting Crowns

Matt Redman

Third Day

Some Country Music

Voddie Baucham – this is our favorite preacher!  The series on “Why I choose to believe the Bible” is excellent!

Rapture Ready – this is Rod’s favorite blog.  It has world news from an end times perspective.

My favorite blogs – Homemaking on the Homestead, Life In A Shoe, The Bates Family, The View From Hidden Valley, Ship Full O\’ Pirates, and MoneySavingMom.

Focus on the Family Radio Theater – all of the audio books we have heard have been very well made.  These are what we usually listen to on long trips.

Librivox – free audiobooks that are in the public domain.  Since they are read by volunteers, some are not as great as others.  But, free is always good in my book.

What are your favorite blogs, games, musicians, etc.?

Please let me know if I messed up the links.  I’m doing this one-handed because it is Kaitlyn’s turn to be sick, and she is needing some mama love.

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