I have issues…

…computer issues that is.  Our laptop has gone loco, which explains the lack of posts.  It has been having power problems for a while and seems to overheat at times.  It wouldn’t turn on for a week, but now is back to working.  Crazy electronics!  We have a desktop, but my computer time is my break time and I would rather put my feet up for a few minutes than sit on a hard chair.  We also have our phones, but it is too difficult to type out a blog post on there.

Anyways, for a quick update on us – we’re hanging in there.  We’ve all been dealing with a nasty cold for weeks.  It seems like it is only striking one person at a time, so it seems never-ending.  We’ve heard that the allergies here are some of the worst in the country and that it can jump-start colds.  I think I’ll look for some local honey since I’ve read that can help build a resistance to local allergies.

I have several blog posts to add soon.  Here is a list:

  • Pregnancy update
  • Our Christmas celebration
  • Isaiah study
  • Business Plans
  • Goals for 2011
  • Reviews of recent books, movies and audio
  • School plans for 2011
  • Recipes

Hopefully this list will help me be accountable to writing these posts.  We have a lot of things going on right now and I need to keep this journal updated, even if I have to use the desktop computer and sit on the hard, cold, metal chair :).

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