Third Trimester

I can’t believe that I’m already in the third trimester.  This pregnancy has flown by, even though it has been a difficult one.  I have been having quite a bit of pain with this pregnancy, and after thinking back on my previous pregnancies, I have realized that I have SPD.  I have debated sharing this on the blog, because I do not wish to come across as complaining.  And I am really not complaining, just sharing what is going on with us.  The discomfort that I feel interrupts my sleep and at times makes it hard to complete my tasks.  Most of the time though, it is just uncomfortable.

In our society, we are told that if something hurts-take a pill.  If something is too challenging-then it is okay to give up.  And I have questioned my resolve to allow God to plan our family, knowing that I may deal with this in future pregnancies.  But, God is good and I am learning so much during this time.  I am learning empathy for people who live in pain.  I am learning to be joyful even when I don’t feel well.  I am learning to rely on God and his strength.  Notice I have written “learning” because I am so not there.

Moving on…

Now that the end is in sight, I have been busy preparing for little Sarah Joy’s arrival.  We had to sell most of our belongings to make the move here, and did not have many baby items left.  I’ve gradually been adding to our baby stash, including enough diapers for a couple of months.  Now all that we need are more clothes.  We also need a different seat for our van.  Our mini-van will currently only seat seven and we will soon be eight.  The rear seat in van will seat three people and the middle will seat two.  Thankfully, our van is configured to where you can put the third seat in the middle position, so we just need to get another third seat.  We need to check some pick-a-part type places (if there are any locally) and see if we can find one.  If not, we’ll need to order one online.  It will be a tight fit, especially with the older kids getting so big, but I am very thankful that we can make our van work for our family for a couple more years.

I also shared how we will be having our first home-birth.  I need to order a birth-kit for the big event and some other supplies.  I will also need to schedule an appointment with our family doctor to get labs done, meds for the birth and a general checkup.  Since we will be home and all of our family live in other cities, we have decided to live-blog the blessed event.  I got the idea from this blog, and thought it would be a great way to keep everyone updated.  I am really excited to see how differently this birth will go and I can’t wait to hold my little baby girl!  God is so good!

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