The Many Faces of Kristen

I’ve been trying to catch a picture of Kristen smiling, but as soon as she sees my phone, she instantly stops.  Of course, when Sammy and Kaitlyn see what I’m doing they try to get in on the action as well, and cause a lot of bumps and shakes of the camera.  Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken the last couple of days.

The Angry Dimple

The Angry Dimple


Hitchcock Profile

Hitchcock Profile


Kaitlyn had to get in on the action, too.



Please don’t mind her messy face and play clothes.  Who knew having six kids, and homeschooling four of them, would be so much work?  Ha ha 🙂


Kristen has some pretty good baby acne going on, and we’re still dealing with the colic.  Thanks to everyone who left comments and emailed suggestions.  We went to the doctor yesterday, and she  said for us to use the Hyland Colic Tablets…now if we can just find them.  Rod went to two stores yesterday with no luck, we’ll try again this evening. 

Everyone is dealing with a cold or allergies or the flu or something.  We are supposed to go to Rod’s parents house tomorrow for a 90th birthday celebration for his Papa Joe.  I’m praying we’ll be well enough to go. 

Rod has to work this Easter.  I can’t believe they are open this year on this important day.  Now HFT is only closed for Christmas day, I don’t understand the reasoning of this decision.  Well, enough of the negativity…we hope you all have a blessed Easter.

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1 Response to The Many Faces of Kristen

  1. Gramma says:

    Hi. I looked online and you can order them from the Internet. Target was the only store that was showing up. I hope you have already found them since I’m so late in catching up on my emails. We really enjoyed your visit Saturday. Love to all. Gramma

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