Magnum Mondays – October 24, 2011

I started exercising seven weeks ago.  For the first four weeks I did T-Tapp, and I lost 13 inches the first week.  I did not lose any weight on this program and after the first week I did not lose any additional inches.  This exercise regimen was great because it does not require any jumping.  Due to complications with my last pregnancy I have an injury that needed rehabilitation.  With T-Tapp, I was able to strengthen my core enough that I can now do other exercises.  I have not continued with T-Tapp, because I did not like the way it made me feel.  After working out I would feel really exhausted and grumpy – not a good thing when you have six children.  🙂

For the last three weeks I have been doing Power 90.  We bought this program ten years ago, and if I had a dollar for every time I have restarted… Anyways, this is my all-time favorite exercise program.  The first disc, which is the beginners version, was severely scratched and so I’m doing the advanced disc.  I am almost able to do every move for the full reps now (soon, very soon).  My strength has greatly improved over the last three weeks.  I can now do the full round of jumping jacks and running and hopefully this week I’ll be able to do all the rest.  My reps on the push-ups have went from five to 12 and now I can do all of the squats and lunges as well.  The last few definitely do not look pretty, but I’m sure my form will improve.  I LOVE Power 90!  It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, and although my muscles are fatigued, I have more energy and all those happy endorphins.

I started dieting at the same time I started Power 90-three weeks ago.  I am aiming for under 1400 calories each day.  On my iPhone I have the “myfitnesspal” app, and it makes it so easy to track my food.  I simply input or scan what I ate and it tallies the calories and nutrients.  The first two weeks I lost seven pounds total!  Yay!!!  However, last week I gained a pound.  Boo!!  I know that I am gaining muscle, but I don’t know if that is why I gained.  My sister suggested I add a cheat meal each week, to trick my body into letting go of the fat, so that it doesn’t think I’m starving.  So, I weighed on Friday and was up that dreaded pound, on Saturday I ate Taco Bell, Sunday was my rest day from exercising and we ate pizza for dinner (oops).  I wasn’t going to weigh until Friday, but I was curious what this weekend of debauchery brought.  And, I’m back down a pound!  What?!  This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I’ll take it.

The plan for this week is to follow the diet and do Power 90 each day.  But, on Friday I will need to do the cardio round and the weights round because we are leaving for California on Saturday.  Friday will be a crazy day!  I’ll weigh in on Friday and schedule a post for next Monday.  Sorry this post was so long, they shouldn’t be this lengthy in the future.  I’m very excited to be changing the downward spiral my health had been taking.  If anyone else would like to join in my Magnum Mondays, I would love, love, LOVE for us to be able to hold each other accountable and cheer each other on.  Even if you don’t have weight to lose, but other areas to improve your health, please leave a comment and we’ll help each other.  What do you say?

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