Dear Sweet Kristen,

Thank you for spoiling me with blessed sleep for a couple of weeks. It was so wonderful to sleep for a solid eight hours. But, my sweet girl, what was the deal last night? Midnight to 2:30 AM is not play time. I know you do not want to miss any excitement, but in the middle of the night everyone sleeps. My love, please sleep at night.

With all my heart,
Your Mama

Dear Remaining Children, 🙂

I am sorry that you need to repeat everything to me today and that your mother is in a comatose state. I appreciate all of your help. You are all awesome!

Your Exhausted Mom

Dear People of Walmart,

I would rather not shop today, but much needs to be done for our trip. Please be patient with us today. I promise to paste a smile on my weary face and to try to not be aggravated with the typical Wallie-World behavior.

An Old Lady Who Had So Many Children She Didn’t Know What To Do


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1 Response to Yawn

  1. Rebecca Hunt aka Nana says:

    You are way to funny Daughter of ours but truly may U be everything you need to be today & may the kids take a nap & you also love from your Mother

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