Today is Krissy’s birthday, but we celebrated last night since Rod has long hours at work today. Here is what I imagine she thought of her cake:

Hey, what’s that? And why aren’t you letting me touch it?

Look at that, Mom!

Dad, what did you do to it?

Dad, what are you putting in my mouth?

Hmm, that was good. I guess I’ll try a small bite.

Mom, this is pretty good.

I think I’ll have some more.

Yay for cake!!!

More. Must. Eat. More.

Thank you, Jesus, for yummy cake!

I don’t know what birthdays are, but I like them!

Happy, happy birthday to my sweet baby! We love you so very much!

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1 Response to Mmmm…Cake!

  1. Rod Bohannon says:

    I love those captions. Too funny.

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