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Crazy Krissy!

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Country girls love the dirt

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How to clean your shoes

So Krissy was wearing her play high heel shoes. She took one off and licked it. I asked her why she did that. She said, “Because I love it and want it to be clean.” So we had a lesson … Continue reading

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No school!

Sammy just said, “Wait a minute! In real school you have school on your birthday? That just seems wrong!” Lol ‪

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The dentist is fun

Krissy doesn’t even need laughing gas at the dentist to have a great time. She was like this for the whole 90 minutes we were there and giggled during the entire cleaning. She’s a nut!

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A Goat Present

You know your daughter is country when the thing she wants most for her 18th birthday is a dairy goat.

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This morning Kristen (barely four years old) said, “Mom, I really want to win. If I don’t win, then I’ll have an attitude.” This girl! She keeps me on my toes.

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Ninja Warriors

Some parents dream of their kids becoming professional football, baseball, basketball, etc. players. Me? I dream of my kids being the first “American Ninja Warrior.” I kid, but it’d be awesome. We want to build an obstacle course for our … Continue reading

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You Can’t Hurt a Dead Fish

Allie had to dissect a fish today.  The little girls were very interested in what she was doing. Kristen asked, “Does it hurt?”  Then I had to explain that you can’t hurt a dead fish.  Hahaha

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Indoor Snowball Fight

For one of our fun Christmas activities, we had an indoor snowball fight.

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