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Allie’s Singing

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No more baby food

Krissy has finished her last jar of baby food. Now on to the good stuff.

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Dear Sweet Kristen, Thank you for spoiling me with blessed sleep for a couple of weeks. It was so wonderful to sleep for a solid eight hours. But, my sweet girl, what was the deal last night? Midnight to 2:30 … Continue reading

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Jesus Loves Me


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Fun at the Park

Our neighbors have a couple of new dogs that bark incessantly at us whenever we are outside, so we no longer enjoy our backyard as much.  We have been trying to go to the park often and we went yesterday.  … Continue reading

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Allie’s Drawings

*You can click on each picture for a larger image.

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Sarah by Allie

What will she be like, When she gets here? Will she be afraid, When I come near? I can’t wait to see her, And tickle her toes. She’ll have the cutest little smile, That I just know. What color will … Continue reading

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Rusty Armor by Allie

There was a man with armor That didn’t start to rust. He had a lot of friends That he was sure he could trust. But as he got older, His armor started to rust. And his friends laughed at him, … Continue reading

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