Baby JJ likes to come to Mimi’s house

It’s like a petting zoo!

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So our twenty year anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks. Rod asked me this morning what gift I’d like. I promptly said, “Pigs!” Lol!

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The Philosopher

Sammy said, “Being happy is being thankful to be alive.” My eight year old son is a philosopher.

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No school!

Sammy just said, “Wait a minute! In real school you have school on your birthday? That just seems wrong!”

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Big Papi

Our lil’ Minimancha/Nigerian Dwarf stud

11707521_10203672988620236_6692413417753579658_n 11667518_10203672988420231_5747040060353078334_n

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The dentist is fun

Krissy doesn’t even need laughing gas at the dentist to have a great time. She was like this for the whole 90 minutes we were there and giggled during the entire cleaning. She’s a nut!

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A Goat Present

You know your daughter is country when the thing she wants most for her 18th birthday is a dairy goat.


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